Friday, 6 July 2012

Post Card Art

This was a little acrylic painting I did some time before my little girl was born and I had the time to sit and paint for hours, hopefully that time is coming back a little and I will be able to set up my little painting corner in the kitchen again. I loved doing little postcard pieces - I like the idea of creating a work that you then relinquish a tie to and it goes off into the world hopefully to be enjoyed by someone. This postcard was for a postal art project called Post Due, as was the one below.

Postcard made rom acrylic paint and a the packaging from a pack of playing cards found in the Souk in Fez. On the back it had the Tiger looking very well fed and a little pile of boots and a whip.

Another post card I did for Post Due - inspired by a very wet English summer and a new red tea pot which I was very proud to find in my local charity shop. I drew myself having a nice cup of lady like tea whilst the rain poured down outside, decided to give myself a rather ascot inspired hat too as this post card was going to be taking a trip to New York.

I really enjoy using felt tips though you have little colour control, I was watching a documentary about Taste by Gayson Perry the other night and saw he was drawing with felt tips although rather nice professional artist quality ones, wow he can really draw, and such an aw inspiring sense of composition too! anyway this Card was heading to Kansas so I drew some one a little like myself strumming a ukulele some what like the one I have- my felt tips were WH smith cheapo's and the colours are rather harsh so I got very cosmic and colourful trying to make it work. Maybe too twee me thinks.

Air Mail

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